Welcome to Bali Car Rental

The island of God with thousand temples. To the mostly visitors, Bali is more than just a tourist destination. It is an unique place on the earth! Bali is like a compilation of amazing art, culture and tradition with the Hinduism gives a soul to the island like no others.
You will always never feel enough to explore this island.

Here we are! Bali Car Rental is more than just a car rental, we provide you a possibility to the deep exploration as your wishes. From white, gold or black sandy beaches to the highest mountain. Ancient village to downtown shopping square. You name it!
Please be aware that we are not a budget rental, who will give you a “great deal” without a responsibility. In a charming way we really drive to follow your interest. Our “transporter team” are more than just a man behind the wheel. We really spend enough times in hospitality business, so that you probably will feel a butler touch in some way during your tour.

Please choose your car and just ask our optional package as a first time visitor or propose your trip plan.

As we always say: it is your holiday, it is your way…we drive, sit back and enjoy the tour.

Self drive rental is not really available, but you may ask for it. Please just make sure you read our driving tips if you want to drive you rental car by your self in Bali.