Bali Cultural Park

bali art centreBali Cultural Park is a vast complex of buildings with the best style of traditional Balinese architecture. Buildings Lay-out, both amphitheater and place / performance space and an additional building symbolizes the story of Mount Mandara Giri circled in the ocean of milk where splashing “Amerta” holy water according to eternal life with the dynamic nature of culture and continued to live throughout the human habit in this planet. In the amphitheater can accommodate 6000 spectators to the colossal performances both traditional and modern. Cultural Park complex was opened in 1973 and developed Arts Festival (Bali Art Festival), held a full month every year marked the entertainment of traditional dances, handicraft exhibitions and other cultural activities. In the event there are also commercial activities. At rang the opening ceremony parade of art begins from the Puputan park and over in the Cultural Park.

The distance is more or less about two kilometers. Parade is followed by all districts and cities in Bali by sending their artistic mission. It is often followed by other provinces in Indonesia and also from abroad such as Japan and Korea. These arts parades in the show are in various forms, i.e. from the sacred, traditional to contemporary. Also kinds of bridal and traditional clothing of each region, instrument or gamelan music and forms of offerings, new creations in various fields of art and others.

Surely this event is not a “tourist-event”. Visitors and spectators more corpulent of the Balinese, but tourists are allowed to be witnessed. The goal is noble departed from the idea of Prof. Ida Bagus Mantra (he served during the Governor) to develop and stimulate the creativity of art from artists in Bali to continue supporting the development of cultural dynamics and can remain active and maintain the identity of feature in the middle swift global influence brought by tourists.

If you are planning to go to Bali and drive your car rental by self, it is better to drive your car away from this place. Because it will be very bussy when the festival held.