Climate changing in Bali

Maybe all the people who lived in Bali will agree with my opinion. Recently that the weather in Bali was very very hot. Possible temperature in Bali have reached 40 degrees Celsius. This year was the hottest year I’ve ever feltĀ  since in Bali. Or in other way, this year was the warmest year I’ve ever felt in my life. (I was born in Bali). Somebody call it “Suicide season”, because November until December is always hot.

For the tourists who will come to Bali, I suggest you to prepare your sunblock and sunglasses each, because climate of your country to Bali will be very difference. Skin damage is a common thing on the tourists who visited Bali. So there’s no harm if you prepare everything in order to create a fun holiday for you.

If you want to rent a car in Bali. Make sure the car has Air Conditioner and in good condition. Your vacation will be very terrible if Air conditioner of your car rental suddenly broke. Because the weather was so hot today in Bali, you will not stand when this happens on your vacation.

But on the other hand, your skin will soon become brown after you pass the holidays in Bali this time. Do not forget to ensure your activities for the Christmas and New Year. Especially on new year eve, avoid to pass through Kuta, for sure, traffic in this area will be very bad.