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Climate changing in Bali

Maybe all the people who lived in Bali will agree with my opinion. Recently that the weather in Bali was very very hot. Possible temperature in Bali have reached 40 degrees Celsius. This year was the hottest year I’ve ever felt  since in Bali. Or in other way, this year was the warmest year I’ve ever felt in my life. (I was born in Bali). Somebody call it “Suicide season”, because November until December is always hot.

For the tourists who will come to Bali, I suggest you to prepare your sunblock and sunglasses each, because climate of your country to Bali will be very difference. Skin damage is a common thing on the tourists who visited Bali. So there’s no harm if you prepare everything in order to create a fun holiday for you.

If you want to rent a car in Bali. Make sure the car has Air Conditioner and in good condition. Your vacation will be very terrible if Air conditioner of your car rental suddenly broke. Because the weather was so hot today in Bali, you will not stand when this happens on your vacation.

But on the other hand, your skin will soon become brown after you pass the holidays in Bali this time. Do not forget to ensure your activities for the Christmas and New Year. Especially on new year eve, avoid to pass through Kuta, for sure, traffic in this area will be very bad.

Uluwatu Temple

uluwatuUluwatu Temple, one of the Pura Sad Khayangan in Bali, located in the region Pecatu Village, Kuta District, Badung Regency, about 25 km south of Denpasar. Temple is located on the top of the cliff that jutted into the sea as high as approximately 80 meters from the sea surface. When viewed from the direction of the wind, the location Uluwatu on the southwestern direction from the island of Bali. In the east there is the base foundation kekeran (ban forests) inhabited Temple’s many monkeys and other animals.
Uluwatu name is the name of the temple’s original. Ulu means head or tip while watu means stone. Thus,  Uluwatu Temple is built on the cliff edge.
On the right and left side of the building or palinggih “Gedong Ratu Bagus Jurit” in the Uluwatu Temple complex, there are two stone troughs shaped like a boat. When they are united then its form is similar to the sarcophagus coffin of the tradition of megalithic culture. Here there are archaeological remains from the 16th century the temple gate or bit wings. Gate wings are the archaeological remains of a very rare, rare find. Uluwatu winged gate (during construction) can be compared to those in the mosque complex in the village Sedangduwur, Lamongan, East Java, the construction period associated with Candrasengkala sites found in the mosque reads “salira tirta Gunaning hayu” which mean years of Saka 1483 or 1561 BC.
If a boat trough-like stone found in the complex Dalem soldier is a sarcophagus and the artifacts in situ (the artifacts that have descended from those sites or artifacts that are not transferred from another site), then the Temple is a sacred place since ancient megalithic culture (approximately 500 BC).
In USANA Bali ejection mentioned that many established Kuturan Mpu in Bali Uluwatu Temple Temple, among others. As seen Kuturan Mpu Senapatni Kuturan identical to the historical figure who lived during the reign of King Udayana, Wungsu marakata and Children in the 11th century. He is a character who sits in the institution “Pakira thought I Jero Makabehan” (a kind of institution that advises the king). Based on the contents of these palm leaves, then the development starts Uluwatu Mpu Kuturan in the 11th century.
In ejection “Dwijendra Tattwa” explained that Danghyang Nirartha twice visited the Ulu Watu:

First visit when he made the trip Tirtha yatra visit holy places. Arriving at Temple thrilled his heart, soul terdenagar whisper that it was a good place to worship God. Later when the time comes, he chose this place as a place Ngaluwur ‘release jiwatman’ to return to the origin (moksa). Based on these idea so he decided to build or expand buildings parhyangan Uluwatu existing. At the time of the building extending Danghyang Nirartha Uluwatu Temple, she established a boarding school as a temporary residence and then used the dormitory was built by local community’s heaven called Pura Bukit Gong. Parhyangan development in Uluwatu Nirartha Danghyang done by early 16th century after he was appointed Purohita (minister counselor king) of the king who ruled Dalem Waturenggong years 1460-1552.

Done when the second visit will achieve Danghyang Nirartha moksa nature. On Tuesday Kliwon Medangsya witnessed by a sailor named Ki Nambangan Pasek, he was like lightning just a very bright light into the sky “Ngeluwur”.

In Padma Bhuwana ejection implied that Uluwatu is located on
Neriti or southwest direction that serves to worship the god Rudra, Can one Dewata Nawa Sanga. God Rudra is an aspect of Lord Shiva as pamralina or back to when we come from.
In Dewa Kusuma ejection described that Uluwatu is one of the 6 temples mentioned as the Sad Khayngan (heaven) “sana” or base of the temple to worship the gods Nawa Sanga, while the other 3 temples are the core of filler or Dewata Nawa Sanga, the Temple Andakasa, Pura Gunung Batur and Gunung Agung (Besakih).
In Padma Bhuwana ejection implied that Uluwatu is the universal heaven praised by the whole community and was built as Hindus temple, manifestation of the sacred character of the letter Dasaksara Mang Ma or that occupies the southwest to worship the god Rudra.

Bali Cultural Park

bali art centreBali Cultural Park is a vast complex of buildings with the best style of traditional Balinese architecture. Buildings Lay-out, both amphitheater and place / performance space and an additional building symbolizes the story of Mount Mandara Giri circled in the ocean of milk where splashing “Amerta” holy water according to eternal life with the dynamic nature of culture and continued to live throughout the human habit in this planet. In the amphitheater can accommodate 6000 spectators to the colossal performances both traditional and modern. Cultural Park complex was opened in 1973 and developed Arts Festival (Bali Art Festival), held a full month every year marked the entertainment of traditional dances, handicraft exhibitions and other cultural activities. In the event there are also commercial activities. At rang the opening ceremony parade of art begins from the Puputan park and over in the Cultural Park.

The distance is more or less about two kilometers. Parade is followed by all districts and cities in Bali by sending their artistic mission. It is often followed by other provinces in Indonesia and also from abroad such as Japan and Korea. These arts parades in the show are in various forms, i.e. from the sacred, traditional to contemporary. Also kinds of bridal and traditional clothing of each region, instrument or gamelan music and forms of offerings, new creations in various fields of art and others.

Surely this event is not a “tourist-event”. Visitors and spectators more corpulent of the Balinese, but tourists are allowed to be witnessed. The goal is noble departed from the idea of Prof. Ida Bagus Mantra (he served during the Governor) to develop and stimulate the creativity of art from artists in Bali to continue supporting the development of cultural dynamics and can remain active and maintain the identity of feature in the middle swift global influence brought by tourists.

If you are planning to go to Bali and drive your car rental by self, it is better to drive your car away from this place. Because it will be very bussy when the festival held.

Bali museum


Bali museum located at Mayor Wisnu Street Denpasar, Bali. It is really easy to find this place because there are a lot of important place around it. On the west side of this place there is a temple called Jagatnatha temple and Lapangan Puputan Badung in front of it.

Bali Museum built, because Balinese people know how important cultural diversity and tradition in Bali should be guarded. This is based, because of feeling worried about symptoms such erosion of culture so that cultural heritage has become extinct and disappear. To save the heritage of Bali came idea to build a museum of Bali.

Plan to build the museum is the idea of the Netherlands, the kings of Bali, community leaders, artists, among others: WFJ Kroon (Netherlands Resident Assistant), a German architect is Curt Grundler, I Gusti Ngurah Alit (Bestuurder Penegara Badung), I Gusti Good Jelantik (King of Karangasem), I Gusti Ketut Djelantik (King of Buleleng), King of Tabanan, and artists such as I Gusti Ketut Kandel, I Gusti Ketut Rai. The plan occurred in 1910 with the concept of basic structure of Balinese temple building blend with the temple town.

Once agreed the concept of structure of the building then the main building completed in 1925. Because the objects collection  that collected owned or deemed inadequate then for about 7 years (years 1925 – 1932) the main building was used as a place to work occasional exhibitions. Meritorious experts in examining the things that made Bali museum collections, among others: DR.WF Stutterheim, G.I. Graders, G / M. Hendrikss, DR.R.Goris and painter Walter Spies.

Museum Bali, initially managed by a foundation called Bali Museum Foundation and was opened officially on 8 December 1932 with the name of Bali Museum. Museum Bali Foundation then submitted the museum management to the Indonesian government on 5 January 1996. collection of tools and equipment stored in the museum Bali clarified become a prehistoric collection such as stone tomb (sarcophagus), Stupak clay containing a mantras, bronze sculpture statue Hindus, Buddhist and objects such as collections of ethnography Keris, Endek fabrics and religious equipment, ceremonial and sidakarya masks.

To get in to the museum, you just need IDR3000. Our driver can take you to this place with our best car rental.

Bali Map

Map of Bali Island, free to print and copy. (Click the map to enlarge)


Contact Us to get more detail map of Bali Island.

Kuta Beach Bali

kuta-beach-BaliThe Balinese Provincial Government have taken the view that the preservation of the Balinese culture, natural resources and wildlife are of primary importance in the development of the island. To this end they have limited tourist development to the peninsula on the extreme southern aspect of the island; Kuta beach is on the western side of this peninsula and Sanur is on the east. To the north of the peninsula no new tourist development is supposedly permitted.

Kuta Bali is now the center of an extensive tourist-oriented urban area that merges into the neighboring towns. Legian, to the north, is the commercial hub of Kuta and the site of many restaurants, car rental and entertainment spots. Most of the area’s big beachfront hotels are in the southern section of Tuban.

The beach of Kuta is one of the first favorite beaches discovered by tourist. On the south, the beach is fenced by the airport’s runway, which gives you a breathtaking landing experience. The beach stretches as far north as the eyes can see. As short walk away north, waves will invite you to test  your surfing skill.

Nowadays Kuta is quite busy and packed with varied accommodation from four-star hotels to budget hostels. Cheap bars and clubs make it a party centre, while local and international restaurants offer great dining. Kuta also offers shopping aplenty, from the chic beachfront ‘Discovery Shopping Mall’ and Kuta Square to the souvenir shops lining Jalan Kartika Plaza, Jalan Pantai Kuta and up to Legian and Seminyak – all within easy walking distance. Despite its negatives, Kuta has its own beauty and attractions and remains one of Indonesia’s major tourist destinations; particularly during the peak season from July to August and the holiday season for Christmas and New Year: at these times Kuta will be fully booked by a local younger crowd, Asian travellers and Australian teenagers who are intent on enjoying an affordable vacation in Bali.

Bali Driving Tips

These are what you have to read if you want to drive a car in Bali by a car from Bali car rental

Bali safe driving tipsWhile on the road in Bali, an important virtue to have here is patience! Although the road system in the heavily populated areas is in reasonable condition compared to other developing countries, it can be heavily congested at peak periods. Ceremonial processions sometimes occupy the whole road so if you are caught behind a procession, enjoy the colorful experience. Roads can also be quite narrow with heavy pedestrian traffic on each side.

In less populated areas, roads may be not tarred and the famous “gang’’ (very small road just big enough to accommodate one car, but very often two-way) is ever present no matter what area you may be in. This invariably tests the reversing skills of many drivers!

Take note of several important points while driving in Bali. It is not unusual for cars and bikes to swerve into your lane without indication. A system of “sharing lane” has developed because there are often obstacles on the sides of the road, such as parked cars or the frequent procession of bakso trolleys and paraphernalia salesman.

That’s okay if you’re used to it but can be quite a shock to the new driver in Bali! Be aware that drivers from side streets often don’t look when joining a main road and the larger vehicle is king of the road.

Quite often red traffic lights are considered “only as a suggestion” and there are a few places where traffic in the left lane may turn or continue straight through whilst the light is red with a sign “belok kiri jalan terus”.

Remember to “toot” your horn when going around curves on mountainous roads as drivers commonly drive in the middle of the road here. There are a lot of one way roads in Bali (meant to help traffic flow but it hasn’t really turned out that way). If you miss your turn off, you may have drive quite a distance before being able to turn back. This has resulted in motorbike riders riding a few hundred meters in the wrong direction, as a shortcut rather than following traffic flow. Be alert!

It is not recommended to drive at night especially on the road to Gilimanuk where the ferry to Java commences. Truck drivers to and from Java are notorious for overtaking on corners. Only a leafy tree branch often marks obstacles such as potholes or road construction. By the time you think, “What’s that there for?” you could well be in a pothole!

You can fill up at any of the numerous governments owned petrol stations or in more remote areas as stalls by the side of the road displaying bottled of clear liquid. The quality may not be as good as at the petrol station. Please fill up your Bali car rental at the government petrol station in the beginning of your daily adventure.

Have a safe trip in Bali with our car rental.


For those you who never rent a car in Bali, maybe you think about how to rent a car without any risk, no lie and etc. Now I advise you some tips and guarantee it will help you when you rent a car in Bali. Normally, most of car rental provider in Bali serve the same price, if there are any different it wouldn’t be so much, but there are some more reason that you have to consider when you rent a car in Bali. First,  make sure that the vehicle have insured and amount you should pay if you have an accident or damages with the vehicle. Car condition also important for you to check to avoid any trouble during the trip beside insured.

Try to get some reference from your friend who had rent cars in Bali, they will tell you their experience when they were renting a car in Bali, if you don’t have any friend who had rent a car in Bali, you don’t have to worry, visit some car rental company website and compare it, choose the best service that they could provide. If you intend to try our service as described above, please follow this link Bali car rental.